Leaky Skylights? Heres What You Need To Know.

If you’ve got a leaking skylight, here’s what the pros at Performance Roofing Systems want you to know.

Start with a Professional Inspection It’s tough to identify any roof leaks without visible damage, but if you’re at the point you’re noticing leakage, you can be sure there’s a lot of hidden damage to boot. Let us come in to check for deeper damage and see exactly where the issue lies. We will provide you with a free onsite inspection so you know what a repair will entail.

Know the Causes of Skylight Leaks A leaking skylight doesn’t always mean rainwater is getting in. Of course, that’s the most obvious answer as water can get through the roofing upslope around a skylight, dropping below. If the flashing around the skylight is improperly installed or degraded, water can get in that way, too. Sometimes, though, condensation can be building up between the cold outdoors and the warm inside of your home, turning into water that drips.

Have a Skylight Repair Performed You can try and perform a skylight repair on your own, but working on the roof can be treacherous and you may miss the root cause of the problem. A professional roofer is a better investment. We will start by inspecting the flashing around the skylight itself, and replacing if needed. Each shingle can be lifted up individually, then any obvious holes can be sealed with caulk or another non-porous material. A roofer will also check the glass of the skylight where it meets the frame to ensure it’s the installation, not the skylight itself that’s the problem.

Questions about whether your skylight is letting water into your home? Performance Roofing Systems repairs and installs skylights all over the North Carolina. Give us a call today for your skylight inspection to get your home back in tip-top shape.

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