Is The Sun Hurting Your Roof Shingles?

Here in North Carolina, we get over 218 days of sunshine each year. The southern sun is some of the strongest in all the U.S. and, unsurprisingly, can wreak havoc on your roof. Though the sun may be great for our tan lines and plants, it’s not so great for our shingles!

Whether you’ve got asphalt shingles, wood shingles, or another roofing material, listen up. Here’s what the sun is doing to your roof.

Cracking The most obvious effect of intense sunlight on roof shingles is cracking. Heat-damaged shingles can become brittle and dry over time, cracking and splitting apart. Cracking is caused by tension within the shingle as it tries to “curl” due to changes in temperature. The only way to repair cracked shingles is to replace them completely, but regular roof maintenance can help spot at-risk sections of roof and head off issues before they begin.

Warping The same “curling” that cracks shingles can cause them to cup and warp. Warped shingles generally bend upwards starting at the corners and can allow water to collect. This is caused by rapid fluctuations in temperature and moisture conditions in the air, both of which we get often here during the Carolina summers! Particularly if you live near the lake, your shingles are more vulnerable to warping due to varying humidity levels.

UV Damage Strong UV rays can damage every component of your roof, not just your shingles. If your roof has any exposed patches of liner or tar, UV rays will eventually begin to break down their molecular structure. Your shingles are actually the last line of defense for your roof and once they’re missing or damaged, water intrusion is imminent.

Heat Buildup If your shingles are doing an effective job of reflecting the sun’s rays, they’re helping keep the interior of your home cool, too. If they are old, damaged, or too dark, they may be absorbing the sun’s heat rather than reflecting it. This causes your attic temperature to rise, putting strain on your ventilation system. Not only will your energy bills go up, you could inadvertently be creating the perfect environment for moisture to flourish in your attic space.

Don’t let summer take a toll on your roof! If your summer utility bills seem way too high or if you’ve noticed patches of missing or damaged shingles on your roof, now is the time to act. Give your friends at Performance Roofing in Mooresville a call today to get your roof summer-ready here in Charlotte.

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