Is It Time For A New Roof?

How can you tell when it’s time to have your roof replaced? At Performance Roofing, we replace dozens of roofs a year, and we know exactly which signs point to “repair” and which scream “replace!” We get asked by homeowners all the time how to know when their roof is on its last leg. Here are three signs you might be looking at a roof replacement sooner rather than later.

  1. The repairs you need cost nearly as much as a replacement. Roof repairs are a necessary maintenance requirement of any roofing system. Make no mistake, though: they’re only a temporary fix. Eventually, all roofs will hit a point where repairing them is just as time consuming and expensive as a replacement, and often less effective. If you need a large roof repair your insurance company may be willing to cover the cost of a replacement to keep you from filing a claim again in another couple years, too. It’s always best to look at the cost of a replacement next to the estimated costs of repair over a period of years, not months.

  2. Your heating and cooling costs are rising every year. There’s a natural ebb and flow to energy costs, especially in an area with temperature swings as wild as North Carolina. But if your heating and cooling costs are predictably high and you’ve done everything you can to pinpoint the cause, you may need a new roof. Having an energy audit performed by a reputable HVAC company might highlight any stopgaps you can perform such as sealing your doors and replacing leaky filters. But if you’ve done all you can and you’re still looking at high costs, your roof could be the culprit. A new roof may be the most cost-effective way to properly seal and ventilate your home.

  3. Your existing roof is 10, 15, or even 20 years old. There have been significant advancements in the longevity of materials like shingles in the last few decades, but no roof lasts forever. Conventional wisdom holds that roofs last around 15-20 years before needing to be replaced, but a variety of factors can influence your roof’s lifespan such as weather, shade, and how well you maintain your gutters. If your roof is old – even if it doesn’t show any visible signs of age – you might want to have a professional roofing inspection performed to make sure it’s not a ticking time bomb.

Performance Roofing is your roof replacement specialist in the area. We’ll keep you informed throughout the process and work quickly and efficiently to minimize the impact on your life.

Give our team a call today to find out how affordable a new roof really is!

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