Hanging Christmas Lights Without Damaging Your Roof

It’s that time of year! Thanksgiving is behind us and we’re all getting ready for Christmas. Once December hits everyone is itching to decorate their homes. Adding lights, will surely be an eye catcher this season but are you making sure your light hanging skills aren’t affecting your roof? It is very important to not damage the roof while hanging decorations and lights. If you are in a hurry to throw the lights up and make a simple little hole in your shingle, it can leave behind a way for water to make its way through the hole and cause rotten roof decking. There are other alternatives when it comes to decorating your home so that your roof isn’t damaged in the process.

  1. Safety is always first in any home project. Make sure you plan ahead when hanging your decorations so you can have plenty of help. Untangling lights beforehand, checking for bad bulbs, and flickers can help keep the frustration away when you’re on the ladder. To increase the lifespan of your roof, you should limit the amount of walking that happens on your rooftop. The easiest way would be to have a ladder properly standing against the home but avoid leaning against the gutter as it could break.

  2. Make a game plan so you know exactly where everything will go. The less time you spend on the ladder, the safer you are. Sketch out your design and know exactly where you want everything to go so you can avoid having to take decorations down and put them up several times.

  3. Use clips. You can avoid the fear of having roof damage by hanging lights from clips. These clips usually attach to the over the lip of the gutter. If you have a shingled roof, you should never hang the lights directly from the shingles, you should tuck the clip under the shingle. They also make magnetic clips for metal roofs.

  4. Once the christmas season is over, we all tend to be anxious to clean up the decorations and put them away until next year. You may think that sense you’re using clips you can just yank them off to avoid wasting time taking them off one by one. DO NOT DO IT! If your clip is attached to the gutter and you start pulling the lights off, this could bend or ever tear off your gutter system. You don’t want to do that if it can be avoided.

Thankfully Performance Roofing Systems is here for any emergency you may have when installing your lights or taking them down. If you think you may have roof damage or you pulled your gutter system off, we can make it out there ASAP to get your home back in tip top shape. Happy Holidays from Performance Roofing Systems.

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