Could Clogged Gutters Be Hurting Your Roof?

Your gutters are more important to your roofing system than you realize! If you think clogged gutters are just an eyesore, you may be allowing your roof to fall into disrepair. No one likes cleaning their gutters…it’s a chore! Hiring a professional to clean your gutters while they’re performing a roof inspection is a good way to ensure it’s done right.

Could Your Clogged Gutters Be Hurting Your Roof? In a word, yes. Your gutters are designed to work best when water is allowed to flow through them. Clogs prevent proper runoff of rainwater which can lead to big problems down the road. A few of the issues that can result from allowing your gutters to stay clogged include:

  • Warped or rotten roof components such as shingles and underlayers

  • Damage to the side of your home including siding, stucco, and shutters

  • Erosion around your foundation as water flows improperly out of gutters and pools on the ground

  • Landscaping damage caused by waterlogging and runoff

  • Ice dams (in cold climates) which can compromise the structural integrity of your roof

Not only can clogged gutters cause physical damage to your roof, they’re unattractive! Gutter clogs can lead to staining to your shingles or your gutter piping, and they can also serve as a nesting ground for birds, squirrels, and other pests. Remember: the entire reason you’ve got gutters in the first place is to efficiently move water away from your home. If your gutters are clogged, they can’t do their job.

How to Prevent Clogged Gutters The good news? It’s relatively easy and inexpensive to nip clogged gutters in the bud. You should have your gutters cleaned professionally twice a year for best results – once in the spring and most importantly, once in the fall (after all the leaves are down). When you contract a professional roofer to do the cleaning, you can have your roof inspection performed at the same time.

Another way to prevent clogged gutters is to find out more about a different kind of gutter system for your home. Gutter guards are a popular product designed to lengthen the time needed between cleanings and they’re becoming more and more affordable every year. Talk to your roofing professional about options for cleaner, clearer gutters.

Do you need your gutters cleaned? Performance Roofing helps homeowners in Lake Norman, Charlotte, and Burlington areas maintain clean, functioning gutter systems. Call our team today to schedule your gutter cleaning and roof inspection to prevent long term damage to your roof.

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