Cleaning & Maintaining Gutters

Making sure your gutters are clean and free of any debris is actually a small task that can prevent future cost down the road. This is something you can perform yourself or Performance Roofing Systems would be glad to come out and assist you in the project to make sure the situation is as safe as possible.

Throughout the seasons we get snow, rain, and the dreaded leaves and branches that end up on our roof / gutters. Noticing this when it happens and taking action can expand the lifetime of your gutters. Leaves can clog up the downspouts which can back up water in the gutters. When this happens you could be facing some pricey repairs to your roof and fascia. Simply removing the debris from the gutters and flushing them out can save you some stress when it comes to repairs to your roof.

To ensure a safe and efficient job, please don’t hesitate to call your roofing professional, Performance Roofing Systems. Your safety and satisfaction is our top priority.

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