A Tree Fell On Your Roof...Now What

 A Tree Fell on Your Roof… Now What?

It’s 2am on a dark, stormy night and…BOOM! A tree crashes into your roof. What should you do?

First things first: Do a quick check to make sure everyone’s okay and accounted for. Grab the pets and your family members and head outside if you’re unsure the extent of the damage. For the most part, tree damage isn’t dangerous, but in rare cases it can cause instability in whole sections of your roof, so use caution.

Once you’re safe, look around to see if any wires were taken down with the tree. If they were, immediately get on the phone with the police and/or fire department, and the utility company’s emergency line. Now is a good time to call an emergency roof repair specialist to get some details on scheduling. If a tree fell on your house, odds are other people in your city are facing the same issue so the sooner you call, the better.

At this point it’s a good idea to take pictures and video of the damage as best you can. You’ll want to give your homeowner’s insurance company a call and ask what they need; they may require pictures at specific angles or even something of size in the pictures to use as reference. Talk to your roofer about working directly with your insurance company on your claim to minimize the paperwork on your end.

Once the weather lets up or the sun comes out, your roofer will come out to perform an inspection of the damage. From there you’ll receive a written estimate for the repairs and get a general timeline to have your roof up and running again. This is a good time to ask about tarping and water mitigation inside your home. In many cases, your roofer can refer you to a specialist.

Over the next few days, your roofing team will work to remove any pieces of the tree and repair the damage to your roofing system. This may include a new underlayer, new shingles, a new chimney, or even stretches of replacement gutters, depending on the damage. It may be necessary to bring in other specialists to fix your siding, lawn, or windows.

When a tree falls, the last thing you want to be doing is scrambling to find a reputable roofer. Don’t wait to choose a roofing company until you’re in a crunch…identify a qualified local roofing pro today and keep their contact information handy in case disaster strikes.

Performance Roofing is your emergency contact in the roofing industry. When a tree falls, give us a call immediately.

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